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25 November 2019

In the programme, I’m becoming more well-rounded as a person.

Realising the potential of using engineering and business skills together to help combat climate change, Gustavo Pereira joined the Master's in Sustainable Energy Systems programme to be a part of the energy transition. He was looking for a multicultural learning environment, recognising what an added value it is to be exposed to different cultures, perspectives and diversity. He happily reports that the experience is helping him become a more well-rounded engineer and human!

Why are you interested in sustainable energy?

What part do you plan to play in the energy transition?

What attracted you to the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s school?

Tell us your favourite parts of the curriculum:

How has the EIT InnoEnergy network helped you on your path?

In what way do you believe your time at InnoEnergy Master’s School will contribute to your professional career?

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