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“How I landed the job of my dreams” – Master School grad, Francesco Guzzi, shares his story

A driving force to succeed in this world is a passion for what you do. Francesco Guzzi’s story is a perfect example. His fascination with energy started at an early age and blossomed during his engineering studies, leading him to study at EIT InnoEnergy Master School in the Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT) programme. He shares how the programme prepared him to land his dream job at Tesla and how he has helped set up a pathway for future EIT InnoEnergy students to do the same!

A passion for sustainable energy

Francesco explains what motivates him, “Sustainable energy is my passion. I believe that sustainable energy is the key to the progress and development of societies. It’s critical that the current generation drives towards sustainability, to preserve our planet and ensure a flourishing future for the next generations.” After obtaining his BSc in Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he chose the EIT InnoEnergy Master School to diversify his academic career and build entrepreneurial skills to complement his technical knowledge.

Highlights from the InnoEnergy Master’s programme

“I attended a variety of courses that allowed me to develop a holistic and broader view of the sustainable energy sector, in particular emerging technologies and global trends. An extremely valuable experience was attending crash courses at world-class business schools and travelling across Europe and meeting many enthusiastic and like-minded colleagues from different cultures. EIT InnoEnergy Master School prepared me to approach the constantly evolving workplace as an excellent candidate for fast-paced and innovative companies in the sustainable energy field.” Serving on the CommUnity Advisory Board, Francesco is happily a part of “yet another unique asset provided to alumni.”

Landing the job of his dreams – and helping others do the same!

Joining Tesla has been a pivotal point in Francesco’s career so far. After entering an internship programme there, he was hired as the Powerwall Account Manager for Italy.  He’s currently responsible for B2B sales of residential energy storage products all over the country, which he thoroughly enjoys. “One of the most valuable aspects of my job is building strong relationships with both inspired entrepreneurs and larger national companies in the renewable energy sector.” He and several alumni in the company have also established a connection between the EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre and Tesla’s recruitment team, to the mutual benefit of both since “Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy perfectly reflects EIT InnoEnergy’s study programmes and values.”

Stay ahead of the game, continue innovating

“The combination of my EIT InnoEnergy and Tesla experience has brought me ahead of the game in the sustainable energy field. With a solid technical background, entrepreneurial skills, inter-cultural mind-set and professional knowledge – I now feel prepared to take the next step and start innovating on my own. I look forward to play an important role in this energy revolution, and contribute with my own projects and ideas. I believe the InnoEnergy Master’s programme was a unique and incredibly valuable experience. I would highly recommend it to all students who are looking for a master’s programme in the sustainable energy field that can provide them with a more entrepreneurial and business-oriented mind-set.”


Curious how an InnoEnergy Master’s programme can help you land the job of your dreams? Download our brochure for more information.