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A night to celebrate: The 2019 InnoEnergy Master School Graduation Ceremony

October 25th was an exhilarating night for the almost 200 students who gathered in Leuven, Belgium for the 2019 InnoEnergy Master School graduation ceremony. Graduates joined their friends and family for a well-deserved celebration recognising their academic accomplishments and all the hard work that had led them here.

Studying to make our planet great again

Hosting the event, CommUnity Manager Falko Döring kept the evening’s activities running smoothly, with plenty of great speakers and entertainment. The festivities started with a short introduction by Johan Driesen, Programme Director of the Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities and Frank Gielen, InnoEnergy Education Director. After a warm welcome, the guests were reminded that although they have missed their son, daughter, sibling or friend while they were abroad – these graduates were “studying to make our planet great again”.


Now it was time for students from each of the seven programmes, as well as the respective Programme Directors, to share a few words. There were many inspirational stories and thoughts shared – just a couple of the highlights were:

Turning potential into game-changing action

The Programme Director for the Master’s in Energy Transition (previously known as the Master’s in Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy), Krzysztof Pikoń, praised the students for their high potential, inviting them to turn this potential into future achievements. Agnes Welsz, Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems graduate, confirmed that: “We are the game changers and we can make a real impact”.

More chances for a better future

For the Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities programme, graduates Farhan Farrukh and Noran Kamal Goma took the stage to praise fellow students for working towards their dream of making the world a better place. As this programme delivered 42 graduates, “there are 42 more chances to make this dream come true!” The Programme Director of the Master’s in Renewable Energy programme, Enrique Velo, reiterated that the work the graduates are about to start is of utmost importance.

A network firmly in place

In her speech, Master’s in Energy Technologies graduate Leandra Scharnhorst thanked her fellow students for becoming a strong network and a family upon which she can rely. While Daniel Pezim, Master´s in Sustainable Energy Systems graduate, took a moment to thank the entire programme for the support he has received and will continue to tap into, reminiscing on his academic journey and the personal growth that resulted.

Let the celebrations begin!

After Falko Döring gave a few more closing words about the mutual benefits of the extensive CommUnity network – it was time for some lively entertainment. The most ecological band in the world, Trashbeatz, took the stage with an energetic and interactive show using musical instruments made from waste. The perfect finish to an inspiring day! We wish all InnoEnergy graduates the best of luck with their future endeavours and look forward to following their many accomplishments.