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Energy storage

Zero Carbon Lithium

Vulcan Energy is aiming to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility, through its world-first Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project for electric vehicle batteries, and its renewable energy business.


Lithium extraction with a carbon-free footprint

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The need

Lithium extraction harms the soil and causes air contamination. It can also contaminate water sources used by humans and livestock and for crop irrigation. Extraction with a carbon-free footprint is urgently required.

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The solution

Backed by a team of world-renowned experts in chemistry, engineering and geology, Vulcan Energie aims to produce the world’s first premium, battery-quality lithium chemicals with zero carbon footprint. It does so by harnessing renewable geothermal energy to drive lithium production without using evaporation ponds, mining or fossil fuels.

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The value proposition

  • A world-first Zero Carbon Lithium™ business.
  • Aims to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility.
  • For use in electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy businesses.

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