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Relevant markets:

Offshore wind

Scalable and cost-effective offshore wind.

The need

The European Commission has highlighted offshore renewable energy as a key area of interest to meet its goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Utilities and power producers require floating wind solutions to exploit sites located in deep waters. However, current technology is uncompetitive in price.

The solution

X1 Wind has developed an innovative floating wind platform for the offshore wind market with the aim of significantly reducing capital expenditures and levelised cost of energy (LCOE). The main objective is to make floating offshore wind cost-effective and untap the huge wind potential of deep-water locations. X1 Wind's approach is based on a downwind-configured weathervane platform that makes an efficient structural design possible while minimising the environmental impact on the ocean. 

The value proposition

  • Lighter floater: reducing the weight of current substructure solutions by 25- 80%.
  • Easier installation: with an innovative single point mooring (SPM) system called PivotBuoy®.
  • Reliable: using passive orientation and removing unnecessary active systems (yaw and ballast).
  • Scalable: with the integration of larger downwind turbines and TLP moorings that scale better in deeper waters compared to catenaries.
  • Lower environmental impact: reducing environmental footprint through the TLP mooring system and use of local infrastructure.

X1 WIND Floater

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