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The WindFloat enables offshore wind turbines to be affordably sited in previously inaccessible locations, where water depth exceeds 40m and wind resources are superior.

Relevant markets:
Offshore wind
Sustainable developement goals:

WindFloat is a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines with a simple, economic and patented design

Patented floating platform for wind turbines. Shallow draft, enabling commissioning of the system at port. Simple, easily disconnectable mooring system. Standard tubular components for simple fabrication. Structural design to minimise weight. Simplified logistics with low cost, widely available vessels.

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The need

The offshore wind market is restricted to locations with low water depths. Offshore wind players aspire to develop deeper water sites that offer advantages such as high quality wind resource, and reduced visual and environmental impact.

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The solution

A patented floating platform for wind turbines that offers: shallow draft, enabling commissioning of the system at port; a simple, easily disconnected mooring system; simplified logistics with low cost, widely available vessels; standard tubular components for simple fabrication and a structural design to minimise weight.

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The value proposition

• Flexible access to deepwater offshore wind sites.
• No crane vessels for installation or maintenance.
• Reduced risk throughout project lifecycle.
• Stable platform for high performance.
• Turbine agnostic and suitable for any commercial offshore wind turbine.

WindFloat Atlantic begins the offshore installation

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