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Adaptable to any size of building, the WIND my ROOF roof wind turbine can be installed in the assembly line, and makes the most of the available surface.

Relevant markets:
Non Residential building

A discrete, roof-mounted small wind turbine for large buildings

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The need

Buildings account for 40% of total final energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU alone. Each member state must meet the dual challenge of energy autonomy and reduction of carbon emissions generated by the sector.

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The solution

The WindBox is a compact module combining a shrouded turbine (4m², 1.60m high) with two photovoltaic solar panels on top. Positioned on the edge of buildings, the WindBox benefits from accelerated winds and good exposure to the sun. Installed power is 1,500 W for the wind turbines and 750 Wp for the solar panels. The technology is now patented (FR3100289).

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The value proposition

  • Able to produce clean power on commercial and logistics buildings with roofs too fragile for solar panels.
  • Can complete an existing solar panel installation to maximise the return on investment and bring energy generation at night.
  • Exceptional carbon reduction: electricity produced through the Windbox has a lower carbon intensity than solar panels.
  • Allows for clean electricity production on buildings in areas with little sunshine.
  • A 5k€ wind study delivered by the company proves the profitability of a project using WindBox.

WIND my ROOF – a wind of change

Discover our new roof mounted wind turbine
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Wind my roof-E. Leclerc: A collaboration story on the road to net-zero emissions

Learn how companies as E. Leclerc are collaborating with start-ups to reach their decarbonisation goals
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