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Envelope tracking technology by Wupatec

The need

The exponential expansion in mobile communications is causing a growing energy demand of more than 100TWh in order to power the radio transmitters of base stations.

The solution

Wupatec’s innovation comprises of electronic circuitry for implementing a patented version of an ET (envelope tracking) technique which, when applied to transmitters supporting 4G and 5G standards, reduces wasted energy by improving transmitter efficiency.

The value proposition

• Reduces base-station’s operating expenses (electricity bill) and capital expenses.
• Reduces the number of transmitters.
• Reduces the environmental loading of communication systems.

Wupatec Product
Wupatec Product 1

Commercialised by

WUPATEC rue Atlantis 20 — 87068 Limoges, France www.wupatec.com