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The easiest way to commercial onsite solar – the digital one-stop shop connecting owners, tenants and installers

Sustainable developement goals:

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The need

Realising commercial onsite solar is a challenge for building owners and companies due to the current opaque and fragmented market of solutions and providers. Additionally, the bottleneck in craft capacity calls for a new approach aimed at significantly increasing the speed of the solar rollout.

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The solution

From planning to operation, Voltaro’s digital end2end process provides onsite solar efficiently, creating a seamless customer experience. A projecting platform provides a simple and scalable way to connect all stakeholders, deliver transparency and build trust as well as the best and most cost-efficient offer. This makes commercial onsite solar implementation easy and reduces the craft bottleneck.

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The value proposition

Commercial building owners and companies benefit by:

  • Discovering the solar potential of buildings with an automated remote portfolio analysis of solar potential, impact and profitability.
  • Obtaining the best offer for pre-qualified projects via digital feasibility studies and tenders with vetted partners.
  • Outsourcing operational duties such as the energy management to Voltaro’s software-enabled solar operations team.

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