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The need

Energy management platforms face challenges in sustaining renewable growth in extreme market dynamics. Acute price volatility, increased cost and imbalance in the mix require new capabilities in approaching energy markets. Integration of storage batteries is also an evolving need.

The solution

TokWise is an innovative solution aimed at maximising the return of a renewable portfolio. It helps energy producers shift from capacity focus to obtain the highest margin per MWh. Combining big data and advanced analytics, TokWise offers an SaaS solution that integrates physical assets on the energy markets with automated data management and improved forecasting. Commercial optimisation enhances energy trading by calculating the optimal position on the spot market to secure the highest return. 

The value proposition

  • AI technology maximises revenue from trading renewable portfolio on various energy markets.
  • Minimises cost, reflecting market dynamics.
  • Performance monitoring and improvement.
  • Centralises and automates energy data flow from various sources.
  • Manages all assets and consumption (incl. storage) in one system.
  • Advanced portfolio forecasting with an AI optimised framework for wind, solar and consumption.
  • Decreases imbalance cost with improved accuracy.
  • Real-time position management enhances energy trading.
  • High scalability enables portfolio growth.

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Commercialised by

TokWise Krasno Selo, blvd. General Edward E. Totleben № 71-73, — 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria https://www.tokwise.com/