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With the fallout of the feed-in-tarifs, market players are exposed to merchant regime and faced with highly volatile market prices. The growing imbalance cost and increased competition are requiring new competences to succeed in the post-subsidy market.

Sustainable developement goals:

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The need

The transition to renewable energy presents a number of challenges: intermittent production causes higher imbalance deviations; markets shift towards real-time and a merchant model; and there is increased price volatility and pressure on profit margin.

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The solution

TokWise software solution provides the instruments for renewable energy players to become active market participants. AI-powered SaaS optimises market decisions and manages renewable portfolios efficiently, bridging the gap between physical assets and complex electricity markets, and centralising the management of renewable portfolios. The AI-native SaaS trading engine harnesses the power of proprietary models customised to each client’s portfolio, risk parameters and market trends.

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The value proposition

  • AI technology to trade renewable energy on various markets.
  • Advanced automation for short time-to-market operations.
  • Centralised SaaS to keep full control.
  • Allows customers to benefit from faster insights and data-driven trading.
  • Increased responsiveness to remain competitive in a dynamic market.
  • Transparent and open AI models optimises trading decisions.
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