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Batteries reimagined

The Batteries aims to produce advanced batteries using innovative manufacturing technology. Its novel approach towards production allows to create thin film batteries at a reasonable cost.

The need

Currently, the demand for batteries is higher than the supply. Conventional lithium-ion battery producers are selling for future production. The Batteries has devised a method to produce thin-film lithium-ion batteries that is over ten times cheaper than competitive technologies.

The solution

With a durability of approx. 500 cycles, conventional lithium-ion batteries are inferior to thin-film lithium-ion batteries, which can achieve an estimated lifetime of 10,000 cycles. Given that, and the above, 10 times cheaper production means that the unit price of The Batteries’ batteries would be just 2-3 times higher than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Possible savings can also be made from fewer battery replacements over time.

The value proposition

  • Superior characteristics compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries in almost all technical aspects, which represents real market disruption potential.
  • A simple and material-efficient production method, after an intensive R&D phase and a successful lab-scale validation, is now mature enough for a production-scale demonstration.

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The Batteries sp. z o.o. Pl. J. Kilińskiego 2 — 35-005 Rzeszów https://thebatteries.tech/