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Energy for circular economy

Technology to recycle raw materials in the photovoltaic industry

ROSI Solar is a company offering innovative solutions for recycling and revalorization of raw materials in the PV industry. The technologies allow to recover ultra-pure silicon and other metals currently lost during the production of photovoltaic cells and at the end-of-life of solar panels.

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Contributing to a circular economy in PV by revalorising silicon from production and product waste

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The need

As an active material for PV, purified silicon (with a purity of 99.9999%) is obtained through a process which is energy-intensive and emits a significant amount of CO2.

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The solution

ROSI SAS offers a complete and innovative solution for recycling and revalorising silicon, either from “kerf”, a waste product from the production of solar wafers, or from solar modules at the end of life, in order to reintegrate the waste back into its original PV production value chain. By doing so, ROSI activates a circular economy for the PV industry.

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The value proposition

• Revalorises raw materials (silicon and silver) from end-of-life modules for recycling companies.
• A lower production cost for PV and PV silicon producers.


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