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Products for the continuous removal and separation of chemicals and debris in the oil spill

Collects and separates oil and other materials using a smart and proven technology. - Products available in different sizes depending on requirement. - The mobility of the product enables diverse applications. - The same product can be used for different applications and requirements. -

The need

Human society generates immense amounts of pollution and waste that ends up in nature and in our oceans. Highly efficient methods for cleaning polluted water are urgently required.

The solution

SurfCleaner develops and markets products that eliminate and separate all types of pollution from water surfaces with a patented and energy efficient separation process. The product is powered by solar cells, batteries or via grid connection.

The value proposition

• Collects and separates multiple materials.
• Energy efficiency enables off-grid operation.
• Low lifecycle cost due to minimal service and maintenance needs including over long operation times.
• Simultaneous collection and separation of materials.

How SurfCleaner works

Separate all types of pollution from water surfaces

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