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A sustainable process for nitrogen fixation

The need

Key nitrogen compounds for industry are currently produced through the Haber Bosch process. This process requires a lot of energy from fossil raw materials and it is responsible for approximately 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The solution

Sunifix is a fossil-free and energy efficient technology for the fixation of nitrogen from the air for industrial and agricultural purposes. The process can operate from intermittent renewable energy sources. It is applicable on a large as well as on a small distributed production scale.

The value proposition

• The process offers the production of key nitrogen compounds with modest process investments and at an attractive energy cost.
• Responds to societal needs to cope with climate change by offering an emission-free process with only air as raw material.

Commercialised by

NitroCapt Enköpingsvägen 29 — 74960 Örsundsbro, Uppsala län