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Full architectural integrated solar receivers with increased energy production

Total architectural integration. Internet monitoring. Temperature electronic control. Smart solar orientation.

The need

Current solar panel solutions have high maintenance costs and low profitability due to their fixed position during winter, in addition to a limited lifetime because of the effects of corrosion. They also lack a proper architectural integration.

The solution

Based on a concept that aims to harmonise renewable energy, technology and surrounding spaces, Sunaitec has developed products that enable the capturing of solar energy and its conversion into thermal energy and thermoelectricity, with full architectural integration in various frameworks and with high levels of energy efficiency.

The value proposition

• 19X solar concentration.
• Energy bill reduction.
• Increased longevity.
• Reduction of thermal charge.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Sunaitec

Solar thermal receivers with complete architectural integration, increased energy production/m2 (CSP), temperature control and online monitoring.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Sunaitec

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