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Energy storage


Autopilot for energy storage

Sustainable developement goals:

Autopilot for energy storage

Suena, short for sustainable energy applications, is a Hamburg based 100% digital flexibility trader for large-scale battery storage. With the suena Autopilot, suena offers optimisation and trading services to maximise efficiency and reduce risks of energy storage systems on short-term electricity and balancing markets.

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The need

Flexibility in the power grid is vital to a smooth energy transition. Fluctuating supply and volatile and highly-regulated markets all pose challenges. Efficiency and profitability are crucial factors in increasing adoption of energy storage to support the expansion of renewables.

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The solution

The suena energy storage optimisation and trading platform is a revolutionary means to accelerate the energy transition. The solution seamlessly and efficiently integrates various flexible components as well as renewable energy into the grid. Designed to handle the immense complexity of efficient and strategic power trading on multiple markets, the suena Autopilot processes billions of data points, continuously optimises trading strategies, and reacts in real-time to fluctuations in the grid.

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The value proposition

  • The fully-automated Autopilot enables multi-market trading on a range of wholesale markets and covers various ancillary services. This reduces risk and increases revenue.
  • The software’s modular design enables it to adapt swiftly to the diverse requirements of power plants, power markets and regulations in different countries. This flexibility permits the rapid scaling of operations.
  • The software uses Digital Twin and AI to locate the best trading strategy available, taking the degradation of energy storage into account.

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