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SaaS solutions and product design services to support companies delivering essential services to the BoP

The need

Life-changing technology must be made affordable to people in developing countries. Solaris Offgrid is extending the model to the wide range of essential products and services in need through innovative technology and solutions.

The solution

Through product design services and software solutions, Solaris Offgrid provides Paygo distributors with a cloud IT infrastructure to connect energy and utility appliances (solar, water-pumps, stoves), payment methods (mobile money) and a suite of enterprise applications or application programming interface (API) services for the smooth management of Paygo lease financing and field operations. Product manufacturers are also supported in developing products that best meet market needs.

The value proposition

• Interoperability: the development of open source technologies and the ability to adapt to distribution processes, ecosystems of products and apps. PaygOps facilitates both the adoption of Paygo products and profitability for last-mile distributors.
• Flexibility: supporting the ecosystem of partners with customisable solutions and design processes aligned with the specifics of different business models.
• Bottom-up design: PaygOps software was created as a result of first-hand-experience with last-mile distribution of SHS in Tanzania and other regions in Eastern Africa.

PaygOps Mobile App

PaygOps Mobile App is a flexible and customer-centered tool offering advanced sales and after-sales features. With an offline functionality and easy-to-use interface, PaygOps Mobile App supports field agents to gain in autonomy and flexibility, improving sales efficiency and quality of service to their customers.

PaygOps Mobile App

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