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Meter data quality assurance as a service for utilities and energy

The need

The energy and utilities industry needs a prime quality of meter data for its operations, especially for billing purposes.

The solution

Smartvee is a platform for meter data validation (VEE) and analysis that solves the issues of data quality assurance for billing purposes, anomalies detection and consumption forecasting. Smartvee takes an innovative approach to VEE process and meter data insights - data quality assurance as a service. Smartvee combines hands-on industry expertise and exceptional user experience with timeline-based data processing management.

The value proposition

• Flexible and efficient data framework.
• Higher accuracy of demand and consumption forecasting.
• Higher efficiency of accounting processes (meter-to-bill).
• Lower number of frauds and losses.


Make better decisions with better meter data thanks to Smartvee. It cleans, validates and analyses your meter data. In one tool, you can verify the meter data from all your utilities: water, heat and power. Just choose the predefined industry-based set from the list and start using.


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