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Smart house solution on KNX for end customer

Scalable and easy to integrate smart home solutions on KNX protocol and different KNX devices make it possible to provide the best KNX smart home quality and price for customers.


Comfort and control delivered to smart home owners

Easy to use smart home app. Integrating devices from different manufacturers. Working on KNX protocol (30% of the smart house market in Europe). Using only tested devices. Solutions for apartments, private houses and commercial buildings. Simple and scalable smart home packages.

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The need

Some 30% of the world’s smart homes run on KNX, technology which controls the automation of integral functions of a building. However, very few of them are really ‘smart’ homes, where you can manage the dwelling to maximise comfort.

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The solution

Working on KNX protocol (30% of the smart house market in Europe), Busto helps home owners utilise KNX smart home features to achieve maximum comfort and control. The solution comprises of an easy-to-use smart home app; the integration of tested devices from different manufacturers, and simple and scalable smart home packages that offer solutions for apartments, private houses and commercial buildings. 

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The value proposition

• Everything in one hand.
• Fast and flexible installation.
• Full smart home installation.
• Lower price.

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