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Long duration electricity storage in melting silicon

The need

Cost-effective long duration stationary electricity storage is required to enable the predicted and necessary ramp-up of renewables to mitigate climate change. This currently relies on location constrained pumped hydro. Ultra-cheap, portable, fast to deploy technologies are urgently required.

The solution

Silbat has developed a silicon battery that is set to transform the landscape of long duration stationary storage. The solution is based on the latent heat of metal-grade silicon and its back-conversion to electricity using thermophotovoltaics. According to MIT research, cost-effectively turning renewables into dispatchable electricity sources requires long duration storage with capital expenses of less than $20/kWh. Silbat’s battery can do it for less than $10/kWh.

The value proposition

• The potential to be extremely cheap <$10/kWh and enables a 100% RE supply paradigm.
• Highest energy density, only comparable to power-to-gas and superior to the best Li-ion batteries.
• 30 yr lifetime with low O&M (vs. Li-ion ~5yrs. lifetime).
• Highly abundant, widely found raw materials – 1000X than Li-Co-Ni-Mn in Li-ion batteries or Pt-Pd in electrolyser stacks.
• Silent operation and quick start – solid-state conversion, no moving parts.

New materials for energy storage

AMADEUS is the first project funded by the European Commission to research on a new generation of materials and solid state devices for ultra-high temperature energy storage and conversion.

New materials for energy storage

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