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SELFPLUG® is THE simple, fast and secure connection solution. Its magnetic guidance system ensures automatic connection of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and autonomous vehicles, without human intervention.

Relevant markets:
Transport & mobility
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Automatic and hands-free electric vehicle charging

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The need

There is still a requirement to find a better way of charging an EV on a daily basis easily, quickly and efficiently. SELFPLUG does everything automatically.

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The solution

SELFPLUG is an easy, quick and safe solution to charge an electric vehicle automatically and hands-free. A dome is placed on the floor in advance and plugged into a normal household socket. An EV vehicle can simply park and recharge automatically in a hassle-free way.

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The value proposition

• 100% efficient.
• 50cm parking flexibility.
• No wave radiation.
• Plug and play.
• Portable.
• Reversible V2G.

Automated plug-in with magnets for all electric vehicles

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