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Energy efficiency

Self-Tuning Mass Damper

A tool holder with a self-tuning mass damper that can effectively remove vibrations, under a wide operation range. The solution is plug and play and has no maintenance costs.

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Vibration damping on metal cutting tools.

Removes vibrations in a wide frequency range, is low cost and plug and play solution.

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The need

By reducing the vibrations in a metal cutting process significant energy savings can be made. The machine con complete its work in a shorter time and in many cases a secondary operation can be avoided thanks to the superior surface finish achieved.

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The solution

MAQ’s innovative technology simplifies machining by eliminating costly vibration. Offering a high level of reliability and using standard clamping, it is a self-adjustable, low cost plug and play solution that removes vibrations in a wide frequency range.

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The value proposition

  • Energy saving cutting tools.
  • Increased productivity and less machine time.
  • Extended lifetime of insert by x10.
  • No need for tuning.
  • Reduce scrap metal.
  • Reduced operating expenses.

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