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Smart electric grid

Digital twin technologies for power grids

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Monitoring system combining enhanced power, fault location and optimised engineering

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The need

With the increased deployment of renewable energy, traditional power grids face the strain of rising demand and integrating fluctuating renewable sources. There’s an urgent need for real-time grid insights and improved power management.

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The solution

Enline presents a groundbreaking solution leveraging proprietary virtual-sensor technology and predictive analytics. It offers real-time grid monitoring, creating a digital twin of the infrastructure. The solution also incorporates dynamic line rating technology, enhancing the capacity of existing transmission lines.

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The value proposition

  • Technology facilitates proactive grid management via real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.
  • Empowers utilities to optimise existing infrastructure and integrate renewable energy more safely and efficiently, saving billions and unblocking transmission capacity.
  • Result is greater grid control, enhanced reliability, and significant contribution to a sustainable, electric future.
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