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Energy efficiency

Real-Time Transmission Line Monitoring System

The Enline solution is a real-time application based on the Internet of Things concept. This product provides energy dispatch optimisation, evaluation of operating conditions and asset management.


A simple and extensive way to manage the transmission line asset

Easy and fast to operate. Extensive monitoring measures. Competitive solution with multipurpose functionalities. Internet of Things. Smart grids. Self learning tool with Artificial Intelligence.

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The need

Utilities are constantly seeking opportunities to improve operations, increase availability and manage variations in market conditions to improve profitability. There is a need for a comprehensive solution with value-added insights that favour better business decisions.

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The solution

ENLINE is a state-of-the-art technology based on solid physics principles and advanced analytics, combined with sophisticated AI and a powerful calculation capacity used to model the present state of every transmission asset. This increases the overall efficiency and profitability of transmission assets. 
The software can be easily implemented remotely anywhere on the planet within a few days, without need of sensors, hardware installation or even face-to-face meetings. 

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The value proposition

• Intelligent analytical system to increase overall asset performance and business profitability.
• Real-time monitoring and predictive diagnosis of the transmission line.
• Up to 25% of transmission losses reduction.
• Operation and maintenance cost reduction.
• Improved availability and reliability.
• Evaluation of asset health and expected lifetime.
• Tracks multiple transient events.
• Fault details with position and severity along the full length of the transmission line.
• Remote and simple installation without downtime.

Enline Transmission Solutions

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