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Energy storage

Pure Battery Technologies

Producers of superior pCAM products for EV batteries


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The need

Common processes to produce battery materials are inefficient and result in excessive CO2 emissions. For battery and car manufacturers to meet their environmental obligations in line with legislation, an increased focus on ways to reduce emissions created through the battery supply chain is needed.

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The solution

Pure Battery Technologies solves this problem through smarter and simpler technology, which refines intermediate products and black mass into precursor cathode-active material (pCAM) for EV batteries. This is done in a way which is more affordable and with superior environmental care. PBT’s technology refines both raw material (intermediates such as MHP) as well as black mass, thereby closing the recycling loop and making the end products truly environmentally friendly.

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The value proposition

  • To respond to the global demand for EVs, Pure Battery Technologies (PBT) has developed a smarter, simpler and greener technology to produce pCAM from either primary or recycled materials.
  • As a global provider, PBT enables battery cell makers to obtain flexible, clean and cost-effective battery materials while improving their environmental credentials.
  • Driven by excellence in technology and innovation, PBT continues to provide advanced solutions to the energy crisis.

PBT Corporate Video

Pure Battery Technologies (PBT), headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with a German subsidiary in Ettlingen, produces the precursor for nickel-based active cathode material (pCAM), which is used in lithium-ion batteries required for electric vehicles (EVs). PBT’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective processes for the production of active precursor cathode material (pCAM) were developed together with the University of Queensland. We produce high-quality battery materials with a much lower environmental impact and are much more cost-effective than the processes currently in use.

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