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100% autarkic and CO2-free electricity and heat in private residences all year round

The need

Increasing energy distribution costs and CO2 emissions puts pressure on residential customers who need easy solutions to ”go green”, and even completely autarkic. 

The solution

HPS has developed a fully integrated system providing for all electricity and heat demand. Use of hydrogen storage and fuel cells allow for seasonal storage and a constant heat supply, with components such as battery, electrolyser and fuel cell all working together efficiently. Predictive energy management creates a sustainable, electrically self-sufficient and customisable house energy system. 

The value proposition

• CO2-free and cheaper energy through self-generation: ROI of 7 years.
• Possibility to secure 100% energy needs starting from own PV system, and even go fully off-grid.
• Customer satisfaction in relying on self-generated green energy.

Home Power Solutions Starts Distribution Of Picea Micro Fuel Cell System
161207 Gesamtsystem Geschlossen Mit Boden
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Commercialised by

HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH Carl-Scheele-Str 16 — 12489 Berlin https://www.homepowersolutions.de/en/your-family-your-home-your-energy