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OxyPower HTC™

Makes wet waste valuable

Sustainable developement goals:

Converts wet sludge into clean bio-coal

A solution based on hydrothermal carbonisation allowing separation of phosphorous and heavy metals from sludge, degeneration of toxins, deactivation of pharmaceuticals and transformation of the remaining sludge into bio-coal.

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The need

Wastewater treatment plants worldwide produce sludge, which is a complex stream to handle. While sludge contains valuable nutrients, it also contains bacteria, pharmaceuticals, toxins and heavy metals. Disposal costs are high and environmental targets have not been met.

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The solution

C-Green offers a compact, robust and efficient process solution to treat and provide value for wet waste. The technology is a unique and patented combination of two chemical processes: hydrothermal carbonisation and wet oxidation, which enables the easy separation of solids and water contained in the sludge. Sludge is finally transformed into hydrochar, a dried, inert, sterile, odourless material, which could provide value as a fertiliser, as a biofuel, or as a CCS solution.

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The value proposition

  • Turns harmful sludge into homogenous, sterile biofuel with a high energy density for power production.
  • Facilitates recovery of nutrients.
  • Gives municipalities or sludge owners more flexibility in how to handle sludge.
  • Allows municipalities to anticipate changes in regulations.
  • Offers very relevant synergies with biogas production.

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Product video image

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