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Novatron – Reactors for Stable Fusion Plasma

Novatron is a new technology for commercial fusion energy production. The team behind it has found one of the final pieces needed to quickly make clean inexpensive base-load energy a reality and eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels.

Early stage

Fusion reactors for large-scale fossil free energy production

Novatron’s technology aims to make commercial development and construction of fusion energy power plants economically viable at a fraction of the cost of current methods.

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The need

Fusion could radically reduce CO2 emissions, stabilise high, fluctuating energy prices, and bring global economic and political stability. Despite decades of investment, continuous fusion for commercial energy extraction has not been achieved due to major scientific and technological challenges.

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The solution

A major technological breakthrough by Novatron enables commercial energy production through fusion. Unlike known plasma containment methods, such as Tokamaks and magnetic mirror machines, Novatron’s unique plasma containment technology offers the ability to create a completely stable plasma without the use of superconducting electromagnets. Stable plasma is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving stable and continuous fusion on earth.

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The value proposition

  • Provides access to large-scale clean, safe, sustainable, and stable energy production for the benefit of all.
  • Technology theoretically verified with advanced computer simulation with the results reviewed and confirmed by scientific experts.

Commercialised by

Novatron Fusion Group
Alvén laboratory, KTH Teknikringen 31114 28 Stockholm