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Renewable energies

MPowering the Future

Tech4impact venture tackling the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion in emerging markets

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Off grid
Solar PV
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A B2B2C platform supplying and financing small-scale solar infrastructure in emerging markets

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The need

Currently, 1 billion people live without access to electricity, and millions more suffer from unreliable grid connections that fail for hours each day. They then use expensive, dangerous and unreliable fossil fuel-based products. The majority are considered unbanked and without any credit history.

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The solution

MPower is a fintech and impact start-up confronting the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion in emerging markets. Through a highly scalable B2B2C partnership model, it enters into agreements with local resellers with existing distribution networks by providing them with (1) plug & play, affordable solar bundles, (2) access to financing solutions, and (3) smart software and a data platform. It digitises operations and collects data on end-users, building them credit profiles.

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The value proposition

  • Hardware offers mobile, high-quality clean energy products.
  • Financing solutions give access to capital, reducing working capital needs for partners and offering affordable monthly payments for end-users.
  • An in-house developed software platform digitises partners’ operations and tracks products and payments. It collects data on end-users, enabling the development of credit profiles and rating schemes, which gives a credit history to unbanked end-users and mitigates risks.

Providing and financing affordable and software-backed clean energy products in emerging markets

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