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MEtal CApture for WAste REcycling

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The need

The European battery manufacturing industry faces major challenges in terms of raw material requirements and the recycling of production scraps, the process of which is consuming these very same raw materials.

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The solution

Launched in December 2020, MECAWARE is developing a specific industrial process line to produce critical and rare-earth metals by recycling technological waste, such as batteries (Li-ion, NiMH). The process also recycles production scraps to enhance production efficiency and obtain metal recovery. The company is currently scaling up operations with the goal of deploying the first industrial line in 2024. 

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The value proposition

  • MECAWARE is developing a supramolecular chemistry breakthrough innovation that allows the selective extraction of metals constitutive of the electrodes: Li, Ni, Co, Mn and others.
  • Suitable for industrial conditions, exploiting industrial CO2 emissions and recycling effluents within the process.
  • Tailor-made solutions can be implemented in proximity to recycling needs, such as electrode manufacturing production lines (for metal scraps recovery) or waste sources.
  • Competitive economic conditions.

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