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Autonomous and reliable energy transition for companies with a smart battery solution for professional use

The need

Centralised fossil energy production is being transformed into decentralised sustainable energy production, which relies on sun and wind. Sustainable energy generation, however, does not match demand, creating imbalance and the overloading of the network.

The solution

An advanced energy supply system for monitoring, storing and optimising energy that enables customers to receive up-to-date consumption information and insights to reduce costs; increases the use of green energy; incorporates a battery system that reduces costs by peak shaving, maintains reliability and operates for hours without external power; and includes smart modules: custom AI-driven optimisers automated to maximise on energy efficiency.

The value proposition

  • LYV energy monitoring.
  • Insights on saving opportunities and reports on progress.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • A real-time view on consumption recorded every 10 seconds.
  • Standardised energy reporting.
  • Compliant reports generated every 15 minutes.

Picture Battery

Commercialised by

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