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Energy efficiency

Live LCA

A software tool that combines life-cycle assessment and material flow cost accounting to make costs visible at their origin (energy and material losses, wastes). Enables live / real-time and automated LCA.


A cloud-based software tool for LCA and MFCA, using real (live) data to automat the reports

Generates specific environmental information on specific products and orders. Uses live data, less generic data. Saves time. Cost transparency for energy, material use and waste generation. Identification of improvement potentials. Know-how stays within the company.

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The need

Climate change causes risks to economies. Stakeholders and investors increasingly demand sustainability in business models, processes and products before investing. Companies need simple software to transform their data into reports or declarations.

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The solution

A cloud-based combination of life-cycle assessment (LCA) software and material flow cost accounting (MFCA) helps companies access sustainability information. Live data replaces generic data. Efficiency and risk assessment, internal collaboration, communication and product development are improved. A tool for sustainability and product managers as well as designers.

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The value proposition

• Combines product and production perspective.
• Cost savings by reducing energy and material use.
• Cost transparency.
• Develops a sustainability strategy.
• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) costs go down to 10%.
• LCA driving innovation and profit.

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