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Renewable energies


Deploying a unique, innovative turn-key solution, KUDURA enables access to clean energy and guarantee the lowest level cost of energy and water for a given location.

Relevant markets:
Off grid
Power DSO
Solar PV
Sustainable developement goals:

The power to change.

Green micro- or mini-grid-based solution (GMG – Green Mini-Grid) to sustainable rural development. Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic plant. Biogas and organic fertiliser plant. Water Purification plant. Central Monitoring system for oversight of the system’s function and piece of mind.

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The need

Many people in remote areas have no access to electricity and safe drinking water.

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The solution

KUDURA is a green micro- or mini-grid-based solution <a href=””>(GMG – Green Mini-Grid</a>) to sustainable rural development. It offers rural communities high-quality, sustainable and renewable energy and drinking water on an affordable pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. KUDURA is an integrated, containerised solution that is safe, reliable, weatherproof, designed and built to last 20+ years.

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The value proposition

• Electricity for productivity, communications and entertainment.
• Hybrid generation and distribution from any source: Solar, Biomass & diesel as backup.
• Clean, potable drinking water for health and wellbeing.
• Local water sources are purified through UV, ultra-filtration or desalinisation.

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