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Green micro- or mini-grid-based solution (GMG – Green Mini-Grid) to sustainable rural development. Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic plant. Biogas and organic fertiliser plant. Water Purification plant. Central Monitoring system for oversight of the system’s function and piece of mind.

The need

Many people in remote areas have no access to electricity and safe drinking water.

The solution

KUDURA is a green micro- or mini-grid-based solution <a href="http://www.se4all-africa.org/se4all-in-africa/regional-initiatives/green-mini-grids/">(GMG – Green Mini-Grid</a>) to sustainable rural development. It offers rural communities high-quality, sustainable and renewable energy and drinking water on an affordable pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. KUDURA is an integrated, containerised solution that is safe, reliable, weatherproof, designed and built to last 20+ years.

The value proposition

• Electricity for productivity, communications and entertainment.
• Hybrid generation and distribution from any source: Solar, Biomass & diesel as backup.
• Clean, potable drinking water for health and wellbeing.
• Local water sources are purified through UV, ultra-filtration or desalinisation.

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