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Half weight, double torque

Reduced energy consumption due to high efficiency motor type with lower weight.

The need

The industry is going through a transition with Industry 4.0 and electrification as driving forces. This is leading to increased automation and an increased demand for small servomotors (miniaturisation).

The solution

The Simplex Motion smart integrated servomotor offers a very powerful motion control capability yet has a weight and size just half that of other integrated motors on the market. Reduced energy consumption is possible as the gearbox can be removed. A smaller servomotor can be used while maintaining the torque. The need to use a gearbox to achieve a certain torque is reduced.

The value proposition

• Reduced cost due to cost effective production, installation and maintenance.
• Reduced size due to the patented sensor solution.
• Reduced weight due to usage of outer runner motor.

Half weight, double torque

SimplexMotion-Servomotor original.jpg
All Series Transparent 200506

Commercialised by

Simplex Motion AB Banehagsliden 2 — 414 51 Gothenburg www.simplexmotion.com