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Portable power storage for professionals

Powering your work with instagrid enables you to choose the source of energy production. Charging the instagrid power system with renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind) will have the biggest positive impact on your carbon footprint. But even if you would charge the battery with the dirtiest source of energy, coal, it would still help you decrease CO2 emissions considerably when compared to burning diesel or gasoline.

The need

Professionals need a reliable mobile power supply, e.g. craftsmen, who need to operate large machinery on construction sites. The only available solution today is in the form of generators, which are noisy, heavy, emit toxic fumes and have high operational costs.

The solution

The instagrid portable power supply has grid-like power, creating mobile workplaces where any large machinery can be powered. It is portable, can be carried with one hand and powers most jobs for an entire workday. instagrid ONE is also the most sustainable choice, built with recycled materials it has no local emissions and is designed for components to be easily recycled at their end of life.

The value proposition

  • Increased productivity (cuts down installation and operation time by 400h per year).
  • Cuts down operational costs (saves more than €500 on fuel cost per year).
  • No local emissions (silent, no exhaust) with 85% lower emissions over lifecycle.
  • Reduces hazard level for workers (toxic fumes, noise, tripping on cables).
  • Increases reliability and availability (no servicing necessary).


Electrical Freedom no matter where, when or what. Instagrid builds the worlds most advanced portable power supply for the working world of tomorrow. Businesses like construction, road assist, event, film/media, pro cleaning, pro gardening, first responders and catering are enabled to be more effective with their own electrical infrastructure right in place.


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