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3D digital plant cloud

The need

IoT cloud platforms on the market simply digest big data without any 3D context. This significantly limits the accuracy of the predictions and does not include running what-if scenarios on new technologies used in the plant.

The solution

Infinite Foundry has developed a 3D cloud platform that hosts the 3D design of a plant and its equipment, receives real-time IoT data and uses a mixture of artificial intelligence and physics calculations to make predictions. The results can be output to VR and AR systems. This 3D approach enables more accurate maintenance prediction and is also unique in that it runs scenarios that impact on the implementation and productivity of new technologies.

The value proposition

• Maintenance prediction.
• What-if scenarios for new technologies.
• Reverse engineer of current technologies.
• Collaboration.
• Fraud detection.
• Crypto payment.


Commercialised by

Infinite Foundry Rua Paulo da Gama 629 — 4150-589 Porto https://www.infinitefoundry.com/