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Illicov are carpooling lines with fixed stops, like bus lines.

Drivers use the line to pick up and drop off passengers at stops. Passengers come to stops without reservations and are sure to leave.

Everyone is free to use illicov whenever they want and can decide at the last minute.

Relevant markets:
Transport & mobility
Sustainable developement goals:

Commuters share their daily trip via carpooling lines and guaranteed travel

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The need

The cost of commuting (in terms of price and stress levels) is a major concern for commuters. The supply of public transport is growing at a slower pace than demand, and there is no easy and reliable way to share a daily trip.

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The solution

For commuters: illicov offers the ability to enjoy a smooth and reliable commute, save money, socialise or network, and take action against climate change.
For public transportation authorities: illicov is the way to increase their public transport offer in a cost-efficient way.
For cities / territories: illicov enables city authorities to enhance the attractive qualities of urban settings and to tackle the problem of traffic jams and pollution (noise, air).

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The value proposition

• Drivers: carpool without the necessity for planning and easily earn up to 200 euros per month.
• Passengers: carpool without constraints or worries about possible cancellations.

AcoTE programme: Carpooling lines for peri-urban areas

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