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HSL Technologies developed an innovative solution to facilitate hydrogen (H2) transportation, by charging and releasing hydrogen in a unique liquid carrier (HydroSil). HSL Technologies’ breakthrough innovation has the potential to remove all barriers hindering the deployment of hydrogen solutions by tackling safety, regulations and supply chain issues.

Sustainable developement goals:

Liquid hydrogen carrier, on demand and on-site hydrogen production

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The need

Hydrogen is a clean alternative to fossil fuels. However, it is difficult to transport and store. It requires either very high pressure, or very low temperatures, and is also limited by strict regulations. A new way of transporting and storing the promising energy carrier needs to be deployed.

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The solution

Hydrosyl is the first liquid inorganic hydrogen carrier that can transport and store the molecule at ambient temperature and pressure, via the existing infrastructures and for long periods of time. In addition, there’s energy input needed at the moment of unloading the hydrogen from the carrier, so the energy can be transported from wherever it’s available. This carrier is environmentally-friendly, as Hydrosil is silicon-based, amounting to the first completely zero-carbon value chain.

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The value proposition

  • Liquid hydrogen carrier, stable at ambient temperature and pressure.
  • Non-organic (silicon-based).
  • High hydrogen density (8.7% by weight).
  • Possible to transport and store it in the existing infrastructures (similar to gasoil on handling).
  • Recommended for: massive amounts of hydrogen, long-distance transport.
  • Release process with no energy input required.

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