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Hydrogen recharging station

Hydrogen recharging stations to recharge fleets from 1 to 20 cars, and fleet of bicycles including onsite production to guarantee a green mobility (with option to recharge electric battery cars).


Decentralised hydrogen recharging stations for small fleets of vehicles and bicycles

Compact. – Transportable. – Economic. – Robust. – Low maintenance. –

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The need

In cities, rural areas and touristic zones, companies need help in initiating hydrogen mobility or further developing their hydrogen recharging station grid in parallel to large hydrogen stations.

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The solution

Atawey offers a solution in decentralised refuelling stations for hydrogen vehicle fleets of 1 to 30 cars. Potential customers are the public sector (local authorities), companies (last km deliveries) and car dealerships (to initiate first sales of H2 vehicles). Stations can be purchased or leased (minimum 3 years) and are integrated with on-site hydrogen production. 

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The value proposition

• Decentralised and autonomous solution.
• Legislation and administrative support.
• Partnership with major industrial companies for system operation.
• Turnkey solution.
• Low maintenance.
• CE certified.

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Why driving hydrogen? The ATAWEY hydrogen stations allow for green mobility with zero emission hydrogen production.

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