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Hydrogen derived from a waste-to-power solution

The need

Sewage water must be cleaned in order to protect rivers and oceans. However, both chemicals and energy are required to do so. Organic materials contained in sewage water provide a source of energy for microorganisms, and a source of inspiration.

The solution

An innovative solution aimed at sewage water producers, especially those in the food and drinks industry, transforms waste into hydrogen. It does so via a dedicated bacterium that is capable of growing in sewage water and quickly producing high-quality hydrogen, cleaning the water. No longer a waste product, sewage water can be a source of local, clean, renewable and carbon-free energy.

The value proposition

• A solution capable of creating local hydrogen ecosystems based on a circular economy.
• Lower natural gas consumption for processing and transportation of raw materials (milk, cereals, etc).
• At least 60% reduction of energy required to clean sewage water.
• At least 1,5 litres of hydrogen produced per litre of sewage water.
• Hydrogen produced at a competitive price compared to fossil fuel energy (less than 5€/kg).
• Provides a green image and brand for companies.

Pitch at TBBConnect (2020)

Pitch at TBBConnect (2020)

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