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High capacity drone-based spreading system

System that offers cost-efficient flexible high precision spreading.

Early stage

Efficient and high precision spreading in forestry and agriculture

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The need

Forestry and agriculture currently use inefficient and expensive spreading activities for forest fertilisation, bio ash recirculation, seeding, and pesticide spraying. Methods currently employed are tractors, forest machines and helicopters.

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The solution

Nordluft’s system is an alternative that offers cost-efficient flexible high precision spreading. A swarm of collaborating heavy lift electric multicopters together with smart software and a vehicle base station for a smooth and efficient integrated logistic solution.

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The value proposition

  • Low cost, resource efficient, highly flexible aerial spreading of material in a range of applications.
  • Lower CO2 emissions compared to current spreading methods.
  • High-precision, cost-efficient spreading where applicable.

Commercialised by

Nordluft Automation
Torsgatan 11, plan 811123 Stockholm
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