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The cool way to store heat

HeatTank can help your business decrease its energy costs by 20-50%

The need

Energy is wasted in nearly every thermal energy system worldwide. €20 billion or 250 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases could be saved in Europe alone through optimal thermal energy storage.

The solution

Traditionally, heat is stored by changing the temperature of the water. Instead of water, HeatTank incorporates special biomaterials, called phase change materials (PCM). By melting and solidification it is possible to reduce storage size by almost 90%, saving at least 20-50% energy, with a total return on investment of between 3-5 years. Energy systems become more efficient and operational costs reduced. 

The value proposition

Efficient cooling solution for an existing system, with:
• Energy-saving of 20-50%.
• Cost reduction: 3-5 years of ROI.
• Operation security.
• 100% SLA.
• Easy integration
• Additional benefits in case of a new system, include:
• Peak performance management -> acquisition cost reduction.
• Smaller cooling system, pipes and fittings.
• Easier electricity system
• Retail in higher price.
• Innovation means better certification.

How does it work?

With Heatventors decrease your cooling energy costs by 50%

How does it work?

The cool way to store heat

Learn more about the revolution about storing thermal energy

Check the different applications of Heatventors

Heatventors can be used in all the industries generating heat. 

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