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Relevant markets:

Transport & mobility

The future of transportation

The need

There is a requirement for efficient and economic transportation that improves connectivity between cities while also reducing emissions.

The solution

A new form of transportation suitable for large volumes of passengers or freight, which connects cities efficiently and reliably. It works by means of a linear electric engine that extends across the entire track. The pods are also equipped with a magnetic levitation system that, together with the electric engine, allows them to ‘surf’ a magnetic wave.

The value proposition

• Up to 90% reduction in energy use compared to air travel.
• Scalable in speed and distance.
• No transfers: a network of cross-border cities, all connected in one network.
• CO2 reductions.

No boundaries, no limitations

Imagine a world where time and distance do not matter. A world where you can live, work, and be with everyone and everything you care about. What is, for now, a concept will tomorrow be reality.

No boundaries, no limitations


Hypercraft Blur Unbranded

Commercialised by

Hardt Hyperloop Hardt Hyperloop Paardenmarkt 1 — 2611 PA Delft https://hardt.global/