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H2SPEED is a new truck, specially designed for urban use and delivery drivers. It can be completely loaded and unloaded on “even footing” has zero emissions and makes no noise.


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Transport & mobility
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A green revolution in urban freight distribution
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The need

Around 70% of Europeans live in cities and rely on effective urban freight distribution. The challenges, however, are many. There is a necessity for efficient operation on zero emissions; safe and noiseless delivery; traffic jam avoidance; as well as fair and safe conditions for delivery drivers.

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The solution

INCITIS reinvents urban truck architecture with H2SPEED, specifically designed for urban use and delivery drivers. H2SPEED introduces a pioneering truck that can be completely loaded/unloaded on “even footing”, that is tailored to the variety and unpredictability of urban delivery, and that emits zero emissions and makes zero noise.

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The value proposition

  • Zero emissions, zero CO2, zero noise.
  • Drastic reduction of delivery time.
  • Two trucks can do the job of three.
  • Total cost of ownership equivalent to diesel trucks, and much more economical than zero emission competitors.
  • Much safer for drivers and citizens.

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