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Energy storage

100% Silicon Anodes for Li-ion batteries

GDI’s patented silicon battery materials offer better performance over standard lithium-ion and emerging solid-state batteries. GDI batteries use the power of Silicon to achieve faster charging times, greater energy density and superior safety.

Sustainable developement goals:

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The need

Electrification is creating a growing demand for batteries that offer higher energy density, faster charging, an excellent safety profile, a secure supply chain and low-carbon manufacturing.

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The solution

GDI’s 100% silicon anodes replace traditional graphite anodes in lithium-ion batteries, affording 30% higher energy density and 3x faster charging without sacrificing safety.  The supply chain of copper foil and silane gas precursor is entirely EU/US-based, with manufacturing taking place in the Netherlands and Germany. Automated roll-to-roll production is highly efficient, leveraging industrial equipment and facilities that already operate at scale.

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The value proposition

  • GDI supplies customers with rolls of finished anode and works with them to optimise battery cell architectures to meet differing needs.
  • Higher-performing batteries for use across many industries.
  • A fully EU/US supply chain and manufacturing operation mitigates global geopolitical and supply chain risk.
  • Designed for safety, batteries with GDI anodes have passed extensive nail penetration safety testing.
  • Unlike traditional graphite anodes, the production of GDI anodes is entirely carbon free.

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