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Energy storage

Flow Battery Modules

A solutions that offers complete discharging without any long term consequences.

Relevant markets:

Scalable, industrial VRFB modules, for kWh to MWh capacity systems

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The need

Storing generated energy is a relatively new capability in the electricity industry. Energy storage solutions will eventually become a ubiquitous component of the electricity grid, yet many players lack in-house expertise.

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The solution

Compared to other battery technologies (lead-acid, Li-ion, NaS, NaNiCl), the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) shows decisive advantages: the battery can be completely discharged and recharged for more than 20.000 cycles. There are no capacity losses, no overheating issues and power and capacity can be scaled independently. It offers complete discharging without any long term consequences. Volterion sells both welded VRFB stacks as complete, modular VRFB systems.

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The value proposition

• High tech performance stacks that last longer and don’t leak.
• Industrialised VRFB modules to build a custom-made energy storage system.

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