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Shaping the structures of tomorrow

The need

Unidentified loads on blades leads to underperformance (2% to 10%) and an increased risk of failure, elevating maintenance costs (10%) during operations. The high safety levels required mean structures must be built to survive excessive, unwanted loads.

The solution

Fibersail is a shape-sensing system based on fibre optic technology able to measure the deformation of blades during operations. It has a simple process of installation that enables the turbine to prevent excessive loads through the control system.

The value proposition

• Maximised performance and reduced loads by detecting pitch and yaw misalignments.
• Prevents failures by reducing extreme loads.
• Prevents extreme failures by detecting structural behaviour differences.

Fibersail blade model testing

Fibersail blade model testing

Commercialised by

Fibersail Rigakade 1 — 1013BC Amsterdam http://www.fibersail.com/

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