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Sustainable high energy density cathode material for stationary storage solutions

The need

The battery production industry has a need for low-cost, sustainable electrode materials that are free from nickel, cobalt and lithium. Furthermore, batteries capable of low temperature performance are in strong demand.

The solution

The solution is a practical cathode material for sodium batteries that is free from nickel, cobalt and lithium. Its elements – sodium, iron, carbon, nitrogen – are accessible, economical and pose no health or environmental hazard. The production process is cost competitive since it runs at low temperatures and pressures. Unlike li-ion batteries, it enables reliable sub-zero performance.

The value proposition

• Can be transported and stored without risk of explosion.
• Cheapest battery chemistry in the long run.
• Good performance in below 0C environment.
• High energy density and low investment needed to scale production.
• The most eco-friendly battery technology available.

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