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Relevant markets:

Solar PV

Kerfless monocrystalline silicon wafers

High quality mono-crystalline n-type silicon wafer. Full-square instead of semi-square. Very low thickness variations. Very narrow resistivity distribution. Drop-in solution.

The need

PV module costs have to be reduced. 40% of PV module costs are associated with the cost of the wafer. Current wafer manufacturing processes have a very limited cost reduction potential. Disruptive technologies are needed to bring wafer costs down.

The solution

NexWafe uses Kerfless Wafer Technology for the production of high quality mono-crystalline n-type silicon wafers. EpiWafers are an economical drop-in replacement for Cz wafers in solar cell production. Full-square instead of semi-square, they have very low thickness variation and extremely narrow resistivity distribution.

The value proposition

• Cost saving.
• High solar cell efficiencies.
• Higher power.

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Commercialised by

NexWafe GmbH Hans Bunte Strasse 19 — 79108 Freiburg im Brisgau https://www.nexwafe.com/