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Turn your industrial data into new energy savings opportunities

Integration of downstream value chain (audit, action plan) in a disruptive web software based on data-driven machine learning. - Strict focus on industrial process optimisation with high barriers to entry. - Software functions aligned with ISO 50001 certification requirements. - Interoperability and big data cross-analysis of energy, production and maintenance information systems. - Financial independence from historic market players. - Disruptive business model based on SaaS recurrent fees. -

The need

Industrial manufacturers lack energy competitiveness resulting in high energy bills. Operational teams cannot easily manage this problem as they lack relevant key performance indicator (KPI) analytical means, even though data is all around them!

The solution

Energiency helps industrial companies save energy thanks to machine learning and predictive analytics that continuously scan data related to energy and fluids. Data is available in relation to production, maintenance and weather conditions.

The value proposition

• 20% energy savings without additional investments.
• Competitive.

Commercialised by

Energiency Avenue Jules Maniez 22 — 35000 Rennes, France www.energiency.com