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Smart electric grid

Eneida DeepGridⓇ

Eneida`s DeepGrid IoT platform, made of specially designed, low cost, secure smart sensor together with specific data analytics and a collaborative software, enables electric utilities to optimise their Low Voltage Networks.

Sustainable developement goals:

Collaborative energy IoT platform for the optimisation of the low voltage network

Lower total cost of ownership. – Ease of installation and operation. – Intelligent recomendations. – Portfolio breadth. –

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The need

The use of renewables, electric vehicles, growing energy demand, regulation and an ageing infrastructure requires that distribution system operators (DSOs) search for new optimisation solutions.

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The solution

On the road to ZEN. For everyone, now. offers the Operational Analytics platform, eneida DeepGrid®. An open, modular, collaborative platform, that combines smart sensor networks with data analytics. It allows the distribution operators, and their operational teams, to better manage their Low Voltage network.’s flagship products: an Operational Analytics platform, eneida DeepGrid®, a smart sensor EdgeSense, mobile application EdgeForce, and an interactive platform Discovery.

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The value proposition

  • Allows for a higher penetration of renewables, electric vehicles and distributed energy resources.
  • Optimises photovoltaic hosting capacity.
  • Improves reliability and quality of service for distribution system operators.
  • Provides explicit learning mechanisms for continuously improved recommendations.
  • Improves asset productivity: does more with less.
  • Increases efficiency, security and safety, reducing risk.
  • Reduces capital expenditures and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX).

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